This page offers documentation for my paper, Estimating Richardson's Power-Law (.pdf).

Copies of the slides used in my presentation/poster are available here in OpenOffice format: MLEposter.odp

The STATA (10) .do file for the power-law estimation is here:plfit.do

The .do file for power-law data simulation is here: plsim.do

The .do file for the p-value simulation is here: pltest.do

A few important references will also be useful:

Aaron Clauset's web page has links to the Clauset et al (2007) paper, as well as code and resources (but not in STATA) for implementing the procedures described in that paper.

L. F. Richarson's (1948) paper identifying the power-law is available through JSTOR.

Lars-Erik Cederman's (2003) paper attempting OLS regression of Richardson's Law is also available through JSTOR.

Feel free to contact me with any comments.