My extracurricular activities include:

-I teach a class at HB-Woodlawn (high school), called 'Atomic Civics', drawing on some of my ideas inPolitics (how people rule). Here is the first version of the syllabus; it changed significantly.

-I published an article in The Christian Century titled, "The Jesus Who Laughed" - about jokes in the Bible. The online title is different: "When Easter Sunday falls on April Fool's Day."

-I wrote an essay selected by The Atlantic's "The American Idea" contest in 2007. The version on their site is condensed from my original.

- I was asked to contribute an essay to The Reformed Institute's 2011 summer colloquium, "Whither the PC-USA". I questioned the relevance of denominations in a post-international world.

-Member of Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, and somewhat avid angler. Learn how to tie my SiliSpoon at Rob Snowhite's blog.

-Bassist for alt-country heartthrobs The Treads.