In my free time:

- I play bass for the Arlington-based band, The Turnips of Doom. Here's the 'Nips playing Men at Work's "Overkill", then Don's originals 'Outlaws' and 'Sister Blue'. Here's an acoustic cover of Lou Reed's 'Sweet Jane'.

- I also write songs and play them occasionally at open mics in the area, most often at the The What Have You in Alexandria.

- I published an article in Christian Century titled, "The Jesus Who Laughed", about jokes in the Bible. The online title is different: "When Easter Sunday falls on April Fool's Day."

- In 2018, I helped organize 'Shut It Down DC', a rally and counter-protest against Unite the Right 2 in Washington, D.C.

- I wrote an essay selected by The Atlantic's "The American Idea" contest in 2007. The version on their site is condensed from my original.

- I'm a board member of Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, and somewhat avid angler. I developed a fly pattern that Orvis now sells it as the Softy Spoon.