I was a doctoral candidate in political science at the George Washington University. Short version: my advisor died. My research interests were democracy, technology, human rights, and globalization. Late in my academic career, I developed a strong interest in political education.

Many of my papers remain available online, since a few people have cited them in their own work, and I don't want to disrupt those references. If you don't see something, get in touch.

Politics (how people rule) - book title with broken spear logo I am revising my manuscript on micropolitics titled, Politics (how people rule). The goal of the book is to look at politics as a skill, and show how regular folks experience politics in their everyday lives. Politics, at its most basic level, is how we make rules -- a process we each participate in nearly every day.

By focusing on the person-to-person scale, I can show how politics is often misunderstood, and that many of the things we take as defining features of politics are instead pathologies or problems that we can fix (probably). The book is a toolbox of ideas, to help people be more in charge of their lives.

The book is mostly done; the current draft is about 150 pages long and designed to be accessible to a general audience. If you would like to read it, please contact me through the link on the left.