I am enrolled in the Secondary Education program at the George Mason University. I plan to finish my certification by Spring 2023, at which point I will be certified to teach Social Studies in Virginia. Here are some highlights of my training:

- I wrote a unit plan on the Cold War, for World History II. I taught the "Sinews of Peace" lesson at TC Williams (see below).

- I developed a webquest about the Internet, also for World History II. (I adapted some of the webquest into a set of online assignments for Students Rule.)

- I completed field work at TC Williams HS (World History II, AP Gov., AP Econ.) and Hammond MS (U.S. History) in Alexandria, VA.

-I designed a summative assessment I call "Delyrical", in which key ideas in units are juxtaposed in a rap battle. Students explain the significance of the lyrics with reference to unit content (sort of like the website Genius.com, but graded). Here is Locke vs. Louis XIV.

In addition to training through Mason, I taught five quarters of my civics curriculum, Students Rule, at HB-Woodlawn in Arlington, VA. The page for Students Rule (or 'Atomic Civics') has more information.

I also worked with students in the autism spectrum program at HB, on a volunteer basis, and tutored EL students at Arlington Community High School.