I am enrolled in the Secondary Education program at the George Mason University. I plan to finish my internship in December 2020, at which point I will be certified to teach Social Studies in Virginia. Here are some highlights of my training:

- I wrote a unit plan on the Cold War, for World History II. I taught the "Sinews of Peace" lesson at TC Williams (see below).

- I developed a webquest about the Internet, also for World History II. (I adapted some of the webquest into a set of online assignments for Students Rule.)

- I completed field work at TC Williams HS (World History II, AP Gov., AP Econ.) and Hammond MS (U.S. History) in Alexandria, VA.

In addition to training through Mason, I taught five quarters of my civics curriculum, Students Rule, at HB-Woodlawn in Arlington, VA. The page for Students Rule has more information.

I also worked with students in the autism spectrum program at HB, on a volunteer basis.